GLR 011: Get Lost in No-Snow Biathlon

Get Lost Racing Episode #11

Get lost in the endurance sport of No-Snow Biathlon by explaining how it works, what gear you need, and where you can go to get lost racing it.

What the heck is No-Snow Biathlon?

To understand No Snow Biathlon, you need to first know what a biathlon is.

The biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and precision rifle shooting.

Competitors race for miles around a trail system whose total distance is divided into either two or four shooting rounds.

Shooting round is divided into one-half standing and one-half in the prone position.

For each shooting round, the biathlete must hit five targets and receives a penalty for each missed target.

If you miss any of the targets, extra distance or time is added to your total running distance/time in the form of mini penalty laps.

The contestant with the shortest total time wins.

Recreationalists, endurance racers, off-road enthusiasts, and even potential biathletes now have more options than ever before to enter the world of biathlon without snow.

Newcomers to trail running or even roller skiing can also find the no-snow biathlon experience to be a welcome distraction.

For those interested in taking the no-snow principles into the alpine, any endurance conditioning that creates a strong physical base can benefit anyone looking to build an off-season, cross-country skiing physique.

With only a little bit of creativity, potential athletes in snowless regions can develop their own opportunities for simulating the near-real world conditions you will find in a biathlon event.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is the biathlon?
  • What is the no-snow biathlon?
  • What gear do I need to start in biathlon?
  • What makes the no-snow biathlon different from biathlon?
  • What skills do I need to be competitive?
  • Where do you a race in a no-snow biathlon?

No-Snow Biathlon Gear Links

No-Snow Biathlon Race Links

Until then, I hope you Get Lost Racing!

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