About the Get Lost Racing Podcast

The Get Lost Racing Podcast, hosted by Kyle M. Bondo, is a podcast about defining off-road racing disciplines! Each episode takes a look into an off-road sport and explains what it is, how it works, and how you can experience it!

Get Lost Racing Podcast is part of Reckoneer Media, and joins the Merchants of Dirt Podcast in supporting Kyle’s mission to teach race promoters how to start, direct, grow successful races.

About the Host – Kyle M. Bondo

As a successful race promoter with over 20+ year in the endurance racing industry, I help others start and improve their own races so that they can share their passion for endurance sports with others.

I create training resources like Reckoneer Go-Loop and Race Promotion Roadmap, and still produce my own events like Wolf Bouncer All Mountain, Wednesdays at Wakefield MTB Series, and Washington DC Mountain Bike Meetup.

I am a keynote speaker on sports management and sports technology, write about technology at Trenchbucket, and teach others how to become podcasters through my Gagglepod training series.